Meet Our Excellent Team Members

Deangelo Hall

Deangelo Profile Image

Hello Im Deangelo, I?m A native of Chesapeake, Virginia. I played football three seasons at Virginia Tech where I earned second-team All-American honors in 2003 and then I was drafted in the NFL and played 14 seasons. One of the coaches from the team I was on referred John and his company for some remodeling needs and I became a client soon after meeting with him. When I experienced the customer service, integrity and craftsmanship I joined the team to be a brand ambassador for Green Oak!!

John Albittar

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Hello, Im John Albittar. Born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I have been in Virginia for the last 22 years. Since I came to Virginia I have worked in customer service/sales and remodeling industry. I am also proficient in designing remodeling projects and managing them. I enjoy spending time with my family and also working on my hobby projects though my network, which include sports management, designing and real estate. Im very thankful for our customers and the Green Oak Team! #GoGreenOak!

James Albittar

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Im James Albittar. I grew up in Canton, Ohio. I have over 25 years experience in customer service and general management. My number one goal always throughout my career has been customer satisfaction. I joined the team full time in 2020 to take over project management and quality control. Green Oak Exteriors truly does believe in giving our clients five-star quality service. That is very important to me as well. I am pleased to say that I have helped many homeowners in the Virginia area with restoring their properties back in a condition that they can be proud of. Thank you for allowing us to do so!

Ralph Kay Jr

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Im Ralph Kay Jr, a born and raised Virginian who graduated college from State University of New York. Im fairly new to the home improvement industry after changing professions from the the government sector where I held a Top Secret clearance with the Department of Justice. Im a former NCAA basketball player and Im boarder line tall so dont be alarmed when you see me haha.

Yuliya Albittar

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Hello! My name is Yuliya Albittar. I was born in Ukraine and have been in the Virginia area since I was 15 years old. Im a George Mason University graduate with a Bachelor degree in Sociology. I worked in retail and in customer service for over 7 years. I helped build Green Oak Exteriors from day one and proud to be a part of this team as we grow and provide the best customer service.

Joey Mungo

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I am Joey Mungo. I recently joined the Green Oak Exteriors team as their new Customer Service Specialist. I have over 4 years experience in customer service and client satisfaction. I look forward to providing excellent service and transparency to all current and future Green Oak Exteriors clients!

Kevin Gies

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I'm Kevin Gies. I grew up in Michigan and moved to VA in 2004. I've been working in the home improvement industry here in Northern VA since 2008. I enjoy spending most of my time with family: my wife, 6 month old son, and our dog and cat, and extended family and friends. I love to travel, be outdoors, and play sports.

Kevin Villatoro

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I'm Kevin Villatoro. I am born & raised in Alexandria, Virginia . I have been working in the roofing industry since 2019. Im a HAAG certified roof Inspector. I enjoy spending my time with my family and traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people.

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